You won’t believe the exotic gift Luke Bryan got his wife for Christmas Instagram/@lukebryan

When we scrolled through Luke Bryan’s Instagram feed Christmas morning, we expected to see photos of the kids tearing through some pretty cool presents from Santa. We did not expect to see this gift for Caroline Bryan, Luke’s wife.

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Let’s rewind for a quick second. As we’ve written about several times, Caroline has been hard at work for months on a very special project called Brett’s Barn. You may have seen her posting about it on Instagram. Earlier this year, Caroline’s family tragically lost her baby niece, Sadie Brett, to overwhelming health issues. As a way to remember and honor baby Brett, Caroline and Luke decided to designate one of the barns on their property as a safe haven for rescue animals, and officially name it “Brett’s Barn” after their precious niece.

The barn already boasts a goat, pigs, a donkey and miniature horses, including a very special white pony.

But on Christmas morning, Caroline and Brett’s Barn received two brand new additions from Luke, and they are not what you would expect.

Luke posted video of the Christmas morning delivery and, well, we’ll just let you see it for yourselves …

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. Those are two precious baby kangaroos!

“I got you two designer purses,” Luke told a blindfolded Caroline with a smile as the joeys popped their adorable little heads out of bags.

Obviously, Caroline was in shock and overcome with happiness when she was what the gift really was.

“Oh my God, what?!?” she exclaims.

The look on their youngest son Tate’s face might be our favorite reaction.

We can’t wait to see more posts about this exciting gift, and you know there will be more!


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We’re still trying to figure out if this absolutely precious puppy Luke also posted about on Dec. 23 was another new addition to the Bryan house. If not, we’ll take him!

If you’ve been following their Instagram Stories, it looks like the whole Bryan clan has been having an absolute blast this holiday so far.

We can tell by this epic photo of their matching pajamas.

Merry Christmas to the Bryan bunch!

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