You won’t believe how Dierks Bentley found himself in the backseat of these officers’ truck YouTube/Screenshot

You’re Dierks Bentley. You have lots of money and a slew of tour buses and a crew that waits on you at your beck and call. So why is a country star as big as you staying at a Holiday Inn Express and hitching a ride with four guys you don’t know?

Because you’re the ultra cool Dierks Bentley – that’s why.

Apparently, Bentley did indeed recently stay at a Holiday Inn Express after a show in Canandaigua, and decided to partake in some Cheerios and sausage patties at the hotel breakfast in the lobby in the morning. According to an interview on WHAM-TV, that’s when Bentley came across four fans also staying at the same spot. They took a couple of pics and had some small talk, but that’s when things got weird.

“Then he just nonchalantly – like we are talking here – says ‘hey, you got a car? I need a ride,” Ian Foos told the interviewer. “We were just like, yeah? Where do you want to go?”

Before the fans, who work full time as deputies and police officers, knew it, they were on their way to the airport and eventually, on Bentley’s twitter feed.

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