You can hear Charlie Daniels' overwhelming pride shine in this American anthem Live at Billy Bob's Texas/YouTube screenshhot
Live at Billy Bob's Texas/YouTube screenshhot

If you follow Charlie Daniels on social media, you can learn a lot about the silver-haired, bearded North Carolina boy. You’ll learn that he is a devout Christian with a deep love for his faith and his family. You’ll learn that at 79 years old, he is still active and keeps a rigorous cross-country tour schedule. He often refers to his property outside of Nashville — Twin Pines — and you get a sense of the sanctuary it provides for the beloved entertainer. You also learn that he isn’t afraid to get a little political, but that’s because of the final thing you learn about Charlie Daniels. He’s an incredibly proud American.

Charlie is incredibly articulate and a gifted songwriter, and he paired those two traits with his inspiring patriotism big time when he, along with his CDB bandmates, wrote the 1980 hit “In America.”

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The song was actually written in response to the Iran Hostage Crisis; however, instead of addressing one specific event, Charlie and his co-writers ending up penning an edgy anthem that proclaims the strength of the United States and its citizens, no matter the circumstances. It also name checks icons that Americans are most proud of, including the Pittsburg Steelers.

He doesn’t mention another American institution, though — Billy Bob’s Texas — but that’s OK. He played “In America” at that iconic institution earlier this year. And, seriously, as much as Charlie is known for his fiddle playing on his signature hit, “The Devil Went Down to Georgia,” watch his fingers fly when he picks up the guitar in this video of that performance.

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Hopefully, and likely, he’ll be playing the song live at his annual Volunteer Jam taking place Nov. 30 in Nashville. Luke Bryan, Chris Stapleton and Travis Tritt are part of the line-up, too, so mark your calendars!

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