It’s almost been an entire week since NASCAR driver Kyle Busch found himself in the spotlight after his mini temper tantrum following his second place finish at the Coca Cola 600. Yet, his fellow drivers aren’t quite ready to let the story die just yet.

During a meeting with reporters June 3 at Dover International Speedway in Delaware, NASCAR driver Brad Keselowski lashed out about Kyle and his recent actions.

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“The way [the media] portrayed it was his ‘hunger to win,’ ” Brad said about how Kyle’s actions had been portrayed in the press. “Look, there’s some real funny balances in life, and especially in this motorsports world, but your desire to win is not connected to getting angry or any of those type of pieces in my mind. That’s one way of expressing it, but it’s not the only way to win. So, when people come out and write articles, or the media comes out and says that’s a reflection of him having the most desire to win, it makes me want to throw up.”

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Brad went on to say that he wished Kyle would have handled things a whole lot differently.

“Everybody is different. I can’t speak for him, specifically, but I can speak for the message,” added Brad. “If I’m going to set a message for my daughter or kids or fans of mine, I want that message to be that it’s not by any stretch of the imagination the true definition of the most desire or the most passion to win. You want to show me desire and passion to win? It’s what you do when nobody is watching. That’s what’s the desire and passion to win. I would say to anyone that aspires to be great in this sport or in life that that’s what they should be looking at, and that’s the message we should be sending to other kids, other people in this society and this sport.”

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