Y’all won’t believe what happened when Luke Bryan walked into this Cabela’s store youtube

Luke Bryan could have gone shopping anytime by himself. He could have chosen to stop by his favorite store and left his team behind. He could have probably closed the store down so he could shop without being approached by other shoppers.

But that ain’t Luke Bryan.

Instead, Luke held a contest amongst his tour team for two gift cards to get whatever they wanted at the Cabela’s store in Oklahoma City, and walked into the store somewhat undetected by other shoppers.

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At least, he went undetected for a little bit.

Soon, unsuspecting but very lucky shoppers began to gather outside the gun section to catch a glimpse, exchange a smile and maybe even take a selfie with the country music superstar.

One of the most adorable moments of the video had to be the part where Luke is taking a selfie with a family, and an adorable little boy starts talking about fishing. “Do you believe I drove my truck into the pond,” Luke tells him, giving him an adorable pat on the head as he walks off.

It was a good day for Luke and a great day for the two lucky crew members.

But it was an amazing day for those unsuspecting shoppers.

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