What Carrie Underwood just did for this very sick little girl is nothing short of amazing YouTube

When you are a little girl that looks different than all your friends and are facing challenges that none of your other friends have to go through, there can be times that all you want to do is sit in your room and feel sorry for yourself.

Or, you can go to a concert and meet your favorite country singer.

That’s exactly what Haley Hayes did recently, as she traveled to watch and eventually meet her favorite singer Carrie Underwood on her current Storyteller Tour. Her mother documented the moment on the Helping Haley Facebook page, which serves as an online community following Haley, who was diagnosed with Pompe disease in 2006.

“She rolls up to Carrie, who’s standing behind a black table,” Haley’s mom wrote. “Haley sits quietly while Carrie writes in her autograph book. They discuss, In no particular order, Carrie’s son, where she’s performing next, if she’s ready for the show that night…etc. Haley asked questions and she casually answered like we’ve been friends forever. Carrie told Haley she felt like they’ve met before. She was shocked lol. Carrie told Haley she would tell Sam Hunt she said hi since she tours with him in the UK soon.”

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