We’re totally in awe of Julianne Hough and her hubby’s plans for 2018 Instagram/@JulesHough

We don?t know about you, but we spent our New Year?s Day recovering from New Year?s Eve, and trying to get our hands on some greens and black-eyed peas for good luck.

Well Julianne Hough and her husband, Brooks Laich, are making their own luck this year, and we have to say we are totally inspired by this power couple and their mission to thrive together!

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Jules and her hockey star hubs are taking the bull by the horns in 2018 by devising a ?map? of sorts for their plans as a couple in the coming year.

Brooks shared a gorgeous photo of the two, along with an inspiring post, describing how they sat down together and spent their New Year?s Day looking to the future.

?Yesterday, my wife [Jules] and I sat down for a couple hours and created our life in 2018. What our purpose is, what we value, what our goals are, and where must our energy be focused to achieve them. Then we looked at everything we came up with, and we challenged ourselves to supercharge it?to make it bigger, more impactful, and wilder than before!,” he wrote.

He went on to say, “With the New Year kicking off today, make sure you never limit yourself by having a limited vision!!! If I can give you one sentence of advice it is this?expand your vision of what you are capable of and you can create the life of your dreams!! See it first, and then fight like hell to earn it. May 2018 bring you the joys and challenges necessary for you to live your best life, now let?s go earn it. Much love to you all!?

Wow. We honestly are speechless after reading this and completely inspired to conquer the year in our own lives. In fact, let?s repeat this crucial phrase, say it with us: ?Expand your vision of what you are capable of and you can create the life of your dreams!!?

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Well, now we can truly say we fully understand why Jules married Brooks. He?s handsome, successful, ambitious and committed to living his life with her. Talk about couple goals!

Although New Year?s Day was set aside for serious planning, these two did have some serious fun on New Year?s Eve, which was their first together as a married couple.

?Oh, it?s ON my love!!! Let?s do this 2018!!!?

These two are starting married life off the right way!

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