The poet Longfellow said, “Into each life some rain must fall,” and as beautiful as the sentiment is, most of us would prefer if that rain didn’t fall on our favorite country concert. But Lauren Alaina knew how to make lemonade out of lemons and an intimate moment with her fans out of a rained out concert.

The sweet Georgia girl took to Twitter on August 11 to explain that her show at the Warren County Fair in Virginia had been postponed by rain. But not just rain, lightning, too.

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Apparently, Lauren got to perform about three songs before weather shut things down, but that’s not nearly enough for her beloved fans who were anxious for a whole concert from their favorite star. But their loyalty and persistence weren’t wasted on the “Road Less Traveled” singer.

So, what started as a serenade to Lauren became an impromptu show for just a faithful few fans.

In typical Lauren fashion, she also spent a little time bonding with this great group of girls.

And, well heck, if you’re gonna sing with a few, why not sing with a lot?

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It’s just the kind of behavior we’ve come to expect and love from Lauren Alaina. The young lady has kept her nose to her career grindstone, displaying poise, grace and a zany, fun sense of humor the entire way.

Big thanks to Britt, Jayne and the rest of their sassy, young posse for sharing their amazing experience … rain and all!

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Weather issues force Lauren Alaina to put on the coolest concert ever Twitter/@briteldredge
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