We learn several life lessons in one hilarious video starring Kelly Clarkson’s daughter Twitter/@Kelly_Clarkson

Some parents try to run ahead of their children, protecting them from any accident, injury or hurt where they could possibly learn a lesson. Other parents let their children find out for themselves — within reason, of course.

Kelly Clarkson couldn’t have foreseen the very minor tumble that daughter River Rose took over the holiday break, so she couldn’t have prevented it even if she wanted to. But, as she was capturing video of her baby girl sweetly singing a favorite Christmas song, the singer-songwriter got so much more.

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In a hilarious tweet, Kelly shared video of the incident and calls it her favorite footage of 2016.

As the sleepy toddler sings “Have a Holly Jolly Christmas” along to what we can only assume is a holiday movie, she leans back on an armchair then props her feet up on the coffee table. It works, you know? She’s tall enough that the distance between her tiny tushy and teensy toes are long enough to bridge the gap.

It’s only when that bridge is compromised that things go south and Kelly can hardly hold it together.

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Reaching forward to grab the remote control from the coffee table shifts her balance and sends River Rose landing on her bottom on the hardwood floor. And while her mother is stifling a giggle that you can barely hear in the video, River picks her self up, laughs and then gets back to her movie and song.

Can’t you see Kelly doing the same thing as a tot?


It’s a good lesson for us all in the new year. It’s actually a few good lessons:

  1. If you don’t keep one foot on the ground, you could end up on your butt. But, where’s the adventure in that?
  2. Laugh and the world laughs with you. Cry and you cry alone — unless it’s a really sad country song
  3. No matter how much falling stings, if it’s worth having, it’s worth trying again.
  4. Persistence pays!
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