“The King” Elvis Presley is famous for his song “Blue Christmas,” but he sadly died too early for any collaboration opportunities.

People took this original footage of Elvis and added Martina McBride in — dressed in clothes from the era — to make the video look as if she was a part of the song the whole time.

According to Country Music Nation, “It took Martina McBride four weeks of filming her parts in front of a green screen to put the video together, but we can’t be thankful enough to have this amazing collaboration become a reality.”

“There’s a spot between (guitarist) Scotty Moore and Elvis that’s open, like somebody should have been sitting there,” said the video maker said. “We’re like, ‘We could probably figure a way to put her with Elvis.’ We scoured the footage and picked shots of Elvis throughout the whole special to be able to put them together. There are shots where he and Martina share the frame, where he looks over at her, where she looks back at him and sings and smiles.”

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