We are absolutely falling for these latest country stage mishaps Debbie Spina/YouTube screenshot
Debbie Spina/YouTube screenshot

Hey, it happens. Someone bites it, face plants, stumbles, tumbles, crashes and burns right onstage in front of God and a thousand or more of their country music loving fans.

You can blame low lighting, high energy, alcohol or just downright clumsiness for the spills, but whatever it is, it has us cringing in pain for them.

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We’ve compiled a list of six all-star  falls to remind you that country stars, no matter how big they are, are human, too. And keep in mind, if the great Tim McGraw isn’t exempt from a stage fall, neither are you. Of course, you have to get onstage first and that’s where they’re ahead of you.

And thank goodness, no one was too badly injured.

1. Tim McGraw

What does a pro do when they lose their footing? They just keep singing and that’s exactly what Tim did. In fact, in some videos we found on Twitter, you couldn’t even tell he fell.

2. Thomas Rhett

It was more of a mis-step than a fall, and thank goodness Thomas Rhett’s fans were there to catch him when he took what could have been a hard spill from the stage. He even looks like he’s laughing a little bit.

3. Luke Bryan

Let’s face it, containing that much energy has to be tough, so when Luke falls off the stage, he bounces up quickly, flashing that brilliant smile.. Here’s there, he’s gone, he’s back. Thank goodness!

4. Brad Paisley

This one hurts to watch Brad loses his footing coming down a ramp. It definitely hurt Brad who was rushed to the ER after he left the stage and ended up with some significant bruising.


5. Carrie Underwood

Even when she takes a fall, she’s the picture of grace. In fact, Carrie didn’t fall as much as she just kind of sat down, but it was way worse than it looked and she ended up in a brace after the show and tweeted, “Good news, it’s not broken. And I got some new footwear.”

6. Keith Urban

If you had a ticket for Keith’s Get Closer tour, you know the stage plot included a pretty steep ramp coming off the stage. The first night of the tour, the country star may have underestimated the pitch and slid down on his tushy. He recovered quickly though and brought a lucky fan back on stage with him.


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