Watching the reaction on this soon-to-be grandfather’s face is the best thing you’ll see all day youtube

He had no idea this was coming.

When a man’s daughter caught her father’s priceless reaction on tape, for us, it was a reminder that life is a true blessing — and so is family.

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In this heartwarming clip by YouTuber and daughter Jessica Vigansky, we see her give her father a little yellow box. Not knowing that it’s contents contain the giant news that she is 10-weeks pregnant, he doesn’t say much when he opens it to find a tag attached to a pacifier. Encouraging her father to read what’s written on the note, Jessica’s dad squints to make out the words. And sure enough, his confused expression turns into pure joy. He even checks the note a second time to make sure he’s not dreaming.

Seeing the emotion in this soon-to-be grandfather’s eyes, and the smile that stretches from one ear to the other and watching him wipe happy tears from his face is proof that he was waiting patiently for this day to come.

And, he was.

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According to Reddit, Jessica ‘s father is a widower and she is an only child. So, that means that for a long time there was plenty of empty spaces open for more family members. In 2015 Jessica gave birth to a baby boy named Cooper.

We can only imagine what the reaction was like when her father met the little guy after seeing this one.

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