Watching Hank Williams Jr. and Kid Rock rock out together is a sight to behold YouTube screenshot

Hank Williams Jr is one thing – country.

Kid Rock, however, has various chapters of who he is. He broke into music in the ’90s as a straight-up rap artist. Around 1997, he morphed into his rap/rock self, and then in 2002 or 2003 he changed again, this time into more of a Skynyrd, southern rock singer.

In 2002, CMT paired the rap/rock version of Kid Rock with Hank Williams Jr. for the second ever taping of their incredibly popular show “CMT Crossroads” where the kindred rebels churned out a spirited rendition of Hank’s classic “Family Tradition.” You can see in their performance these two have more in common than a musical background. Rock admires Hank Jr. and the respect is very much mutual.

Now we can’t say for sure if that time spent with Bocephus is what prompted his evolution from rap/rock to southern rock, but the timing sure does shake out.

“I hope to be able to sing as good as this guy one day and play as good as him,” Kid Rock told CMT in an interview previewing the special. “I’m trying. I got the best teacher out there. The [country] influence will always be in my music, but am I going to go country? I think I was born country.”

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