The hosts of “Today” blew our country music-lovin’ minds when they all dressed as favorite country stars for their special Halloween edition of the hit morning news show. There was a lot of hair, a lot of makeup and a lot of padding going on in those outfits, and no one knows that more than Matt Lauer whose alter ego was the uber iconic Dolly Parton.

Fortunately, the queen herself stopped by the “Today” set to give the handsome host a lesson on … being Dolly Parton.

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In a video posted on Twitter, we get to see the step-by-step process that Dolly goes through to get her recognizable look. Well, sort of.

Even Dolly knows that one of the best ways to tickle someone’s funny bone is to exaggerate the obvious, so when Matt needed Dolly hair, she gave him a ridiculous big, blonde wig. Then Matt needed a beauty mark like Ms. Parton’s, and Dolly gave him one the size of Mars. Finally, when Matt needed one of Dolly’s most noteworthy assets, she had the padding that suited him and the device to keep him inflated.

Only, Dolly’s are real. Sorry ‘bout ya, Matt.

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The results were hysterical, and not even close to believable, but you definitely knew who Matt was imitating and you know what they say, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”

Well, maybe not in this case.

Meanwhile, here’s a peek at Matt’s colleague, Hoda Kotb, transitioning into Blake Shelton.

Watching Dolly Parton assist this “Today” show host on Halloween is hysterical  Twitter/@TodayShow
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