Watch what happens when you combine Lauren Alaina's beautiful voice with helium Instagram/@laurenalaina

Lauren Alaina doesn’t always suck, but when she does, she sucks on helium balloons.

Yes, the country cutie, who just endured vocal cord surgery a couple of years ago, took several drags off of a couple of helium balloons so she could get just the right vocal quality she wanted to perform Alicia Keys’ “Fallin’,” for a radio program on the morning of Sept. 6.

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Lauren executed the song beautifully, sounding more and more like a chipmunk with every draw she pulled from the balloon. While the video of the performance is hilarious, as much for Lauren’s contagious giggle as for the hilarious sound of her voice, you have to wonder if she got light-headed as she tried to coordinate the phrasing of the song with drags on helium balloons.

And listen closely. You might think that the effects of the helium might impair her pitch, but with the exception of the giggling occasionally waylaying her performance, she nails the song note for note, proving she does have the pipes of a superstar.

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Sure, the helium made her voice sound a little funny, but we’re sure it snapped back immediately. Lauren is sounding better than ever with her new single, “Road Less Traveled,” and a busy summer tour with Alan Jackson. Not to mention she looks amazing and has become a real inspiration for girls struggling with their own body issues, and she and boyfriend Alex seem to be having the time of their lives together.

She’s just walking on air these days — and singing on helium.

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