There have been many comparisons throughout the years between Elvis Presley and Garth Brooks — from the amount of awards they have won, to their extensive catalog of music to the showmanship that show throughout their live shows.

But during a recent Garth concert in Louisiana, the stories of the two music legends melded together once again.

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In the audience of this particular concert stood 89-year-old Laura, who was holding up a sign referring to the fact that Elvis Presley was the last concert she had seen. Shared on the Garth Brooks Believers Facebook page, the video shows that the sign obviously caught the attention of Garth, who proceeded to find her in the crowd.

“Hi … how are you?” Garth asks “Miss Laura” after he hops into the crowd and reaches her. “Was Elvis good?”

Miss Laura proceeds to tell him that she saw Elvis in New Orleans many years ago. From there, Garth tears into “If Tomorrow Never Comes,” as friends and family around the woman fall apart in tears.

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“Wow, I’m going to start crying now,” Garth says mid-song, encouraging the crowd to go ahead and help him out with the chorus. He then leaves Laura with a special gift: his acoustic guitar.

It was a wonderful moment in yet another wonderful Garth Brooks concert.

And heck, we bet somewhere, Elvis loved it too.

Tricia Despres is the contributing editor for Rare Country, based out of Chicago, Illinois. Join the conversation on Twitter at @RareCountry. We would love to see y’all there.
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