Watch what happens when Chris Young sings to this crying baby YouTube/Morgan Nieves
YouTube/Morgan Nieves

We all have songs we turn to in times of sorrow and celebration, in love and loss, when we feel bad or when we feel better. But what about when we’re teething? Or wet? Or need to burp? Or are just so darn tired? OK, maybe you don’t have a song for those specific needs, but one “Little Nugget” does, and it’s Chris Young’s “Losing Sleep.”

Chris shared a video on his socials of a fussy little one who just can’t seem to bring it down. And while we aren’t sure what the source of his discomfort is, we see immediately what soothes his little spirit. When a hand reaches in and presses “play” on Chris’ newest hit single, “Losing Sleep,” the baby boy isn’t just quiet, he’s enchanted by Chris’ voice.

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Now, we aren’t performers, but it seems that as the music cues up, little Jack James’ cries diminish to whimpers that are nearly on pitch with the chord progression of the song. It’s as if he is singing along. And it’s obvious that when the music stops, the karaoke cutie is not happy.

Not one bit.

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And we aren’t either! Hit that play button, Mama!


In the full-length video clip on YouTube, Mom Morgan gives us a little more footage of how that song continues to calm Baby Jack, but she cuts the video short of the song ending and what we can only presume will be a mini-meltdown by the infant.

We get it, though. Chris Young’s incredibly warm and compelling voice is healing salve for all kinds of ailments.

Jack has excellent taste.

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