Watch Tim McGraw prank Luke Bryan by giving his truck quite a hilarious new paint job YouTube

It’s a rite of passage for headliners to play pranks on opening acts. Given the creativity of those involved, we’ve seen it range from releasing live crickets on tour buses to rubbing smelly cheese all over the singer’s microphone before he/she goes out to perform.

Luke Bryan is no exception to the rule. He may be one of the hottest country stars of the moment, but in 2011, he was just another newbie on Tim McGraw’s tour.

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While Luke was onstage, Tim and some friends gave Luke’s ultra-cool, modified truck a fresh coat of paint, but it’s what they painted on it that made it that much more fantastic.

What once was a beachy, yellow Bronco turned into something you might find a high school cheerleader driving to school. Pastel greens and blues adorned the vehicle, which was now complete with a pretty pink heart right on the hood. Tim even lovingly graffitied Luke’s wife’s name, Caroline, onto the side.

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When Luke saw what the guys had done to his baby, he was mortified. We have to give him props for keeping a smile and sense of humor while you could clearly see he was worried about how permanent the new paint was.

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