We already know that Keith Urban has some of the best fans in country music. They buy the records, they buy the concert tickets, they buy the T-shirts and koozies, and they tuned into “American Idol” to watch their favorite country star mentor the next generation of world-class entertainers.

As it turns out, they can see him do that when they buy those concert tickets, because we’re also discovering that Keith has some of the most talented fans in country music.

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Let’s be honest. It’s a crap shoot whenever an artist brings a fan onstage who says they can play guitar or sing, but the Aussie seems to always hit the jackpot when he invites someone onstage. Hailey Benedict was no exception.

Keith brought the young Canuck and her sis onstage, and when he asked the pretty brunette what she wanted to be when she grew up, she confidently said, “To be a singer-songwriter.” Of course, that prompted Keith to have a guitar brought out for the teen, and she didn’t hesitate to belt out one of her own original tunes as the country music superstar looked on. And if you think sis, a budding gymnast, was jelly, guess again! She was happily beaming in the background, mouthing the words as her sister took the spotlight.

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Turns out Hailey isn’t just a big Keith Urban fan, she’s already had some success as a singer-songwriter. According to her Twitter bio, she’s the 2016 Global Country Star Search Youth Winner, and she has her own loyal fan following. Looks like it won’t be long before Hailey is headlining her own shows at Rogers Place.

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