Watch this military veteran cut loose in his hospital bed listening to live music Dot Records/Jonah Best
Dot Records/Jonah Best

There’s nothing like a little music to brighten up your day, especially when you’re not feeling well. That’s what country star Drake White discovered first-hand while performing for a few patients at the VA Hospital in Denver.

As you can see in this video, Drake brought his guitar to the bedside of a few military veterans thanks to a partnership with Musicians on Call, an organization bringing music to medical facilities nationwide. Men who had been laying still in their beds just a few moments before were suddenly clapping and smiling once Drake began to play for them.

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It turns out Drake got just as much from watching their reactions as they got from hearing him perform.

Drake tells Rare Country, “To watch a man or a woman’s face instantly light up when a chord is strung, and to be able to watch you be able to change their mood is a powerful thing. Music is powerful, and I believe in music and the healing power of music because I’ve seen it literally change people’s expressions on their faces instantly.”

The performance at the VA Hospital in Denver was also a chance for Drake to give back to those who made a sacrifice to defend our freedom. He’s got several family members back home in Alabama who have served, and one of them was really on Drake’s mind as he performed at the VA Hospital.

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He tells us, “My uncle, who is very dear to my heart and has influenced my music from the get-go, he served in Vietnam, and he’s definitely had some issues with that. I’ve just watched what they deal with and what they go through. To come out and be able to give my time is just to pay it forward.”

The performance at the VA Hospital in Denver was one of five stops Drake made across the country on Aug. 24 in celebration of his new album, “Spark,” The day kicked off with Drake performing in New York City for a group of firemen who lost a lot of men in 9/11. From there, Drake went on to perform for kids at the Boys & Girls Club in Wichita, Kansas and sing for the folks at the North Texas Food Bank in Dallas before hitting Denver. The trip ended with Drake singing barefoot on the beach in Oceanside, California in association with the area’s Beach Litter Pick Up campaign.

Hunter Kelly is a senior correspondent for Rare Country. Follow him on Twitter @Hunterkelly.
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