Watch this fan lose her mind over Keith Urban's hotness before taking his spotlight YouTube screenshot/Keith Urban
YouTube screenshot/Keith Urban

This fan encounter between Keith Urban and a fan in Adelaide, Australia is priceless!

Keith called young Amy Jennifer onstage to sing one of her original songs during his show. While introducing her, Keith was a little confused about her name. It turns out Amy is her first name and Jennifer is her middle name. She doesn’t use her last name when she’s performing, which is kind of a common practice.

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It all threw Keith for a loop, though.

He kept asking her to explain her name, but Amy Jennifer clearly had other things on her mind. She stopped midway through their conversation and told Keith, “I’m sorry. You’re just so beautiful.”

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You can tell from the grin on Keith’s face that he was flattered, but a little embarrassed.

He told her, “You’re hilarious!”

Be sure and stay tuned for Amy’s song about a guy who was not very nice. After Keith helped Amy get her guitar set up, she sang the song called “Closing That Door.”

Spontaneous moments between artists and fans like this one are what makes country music unlike any other kind of music in the world. There’s even a Fan Moment of the Year category at the inaugural Rare Country Awards to celebrate that special bond between artists and their fans, where Keith is nominated for another special fan moment. Voting for the Rare Country Awards is now open at Winners will be announced on Dec. 15.

Hunter Kelly is a senior correspondent for Rare Country. Follow him on Twitter @Hunterkelly.
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