Watch this daughter beam over her dad's flawless country cover Daylafulla/YouTube screenshot
Daylafulla/YouTube screenshot

We have seen plenty of front seat duets in the past couple of years. We have seen Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman do it, and Jason Aldean and his wife give it a try, but for some reason, this YouTube video is not only amazing, but it’s also down right endearing.

In the video that’s bound to go viral, a teenage-looking girl sits in the passenger seat and introduces her dad to the camera. She then turns on Chris Stapleton’s hit song “Tennessee Whiskey.”

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And then the magic happens.

In a rendition that only gets better as the video goes on, the two sit in a parking lot as the talented singer finishes the song. And he seems to get more into it with each and every note.

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And while we don’t know the full story of these two, we do know this – there is nothing like the love between a father and daughter, and there is nothing like putting that love to a soundtrack of music. God knows many of us have had those moments with our own dads at one time or another, and we will never forget it.

And now that the video has more than 600,000 views, no one else who has watched it will forget it either.

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