Watch this crying baby’s reaction when Blake Shelton comes on  YouTube/Living Life Challenge
YouTube/Living Life Challenge

Our hearts go out to all of the parents who are at the end of their rope when they just can’t get their babies to stop crying. It’s the most heartbreaking sound in the world. However, one mom found the secret to stopping her little girl’s tears, and we can’t say we blame this pretty pink baby.

In a YouTube video, a distressed little girl is completely wracked with tears, her entire body wrought with anguish and even a little dribble (teething, maybe?). But as soon as she hears the opening notes of Blake Shelton’s romantic classic “God Gave Me You,” her mood changes immediately.

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Baby girl doesn’t just stop crying, she props herself up and smiles sweetly. And it looks like she’s even bobbing her head to the rhythm of the song.

As Blake begins to sing, she becomes completely mesmerized by his voice, occasionally smiling, but perfectly at peace and in the moment.

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This is some serious goodness, y’all.

Of course, we get it. When it comes to having a song for every season and moment in life, Blake’s catalog definitely has it. But we agree with this little nugget. This is an all-time Blake Shelton favorite.

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