Watch the Travis Tritt video that reunited Glenn Frey and the Eagles back in the ’90s youtube

As word made its way around about the death of Eagles guitarist/vocalist Glenn Frey in January 2016, Nashville was undoubtedly hit harder than most as it was the Music City, specifically the legendary Travis Tritt, that brought the famed band back together.

In 1993, the band’s former manager Irving Azoff wanted to put out an all-star tribute album called “Common Thread.” Country stars far and wide came together for the project, but no artist was more instrumental in this album than Travis Tritt.

Tritt’s “Take It Easy” served as the album’s first single. As they were brainstorming the video, Tritt said that he’d only do it if the Eagles would get back together and be part of it. The idea was ludicrous, as the Eagles had an ugly break up 13 years prior and were adamant they’d only get back together if hell froze over.

Still, a call was made — and to everyone’s surprise, the former bandmates decided they could stomach each for one day. That day became the catalyst for one of the biggest reunions of all time.  Greetings turned to conversations and conversations culminated into 1994’s famed Eagles Hell Freezes Over Tour.

“I saw a bunch of guys who got together and really seemed to realize that they didn’t hate each other as bad as they thought they did,” Tritt said in an interview. “I got to be an Eagle for a day.”

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