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You can’t say Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard doesn’t know how to have a good time!

During a pre-Valentine’s Day dinner at home with his wife, Hayley, and baby girl, Olivia, Tyler decided to get a little crazy and sample some of Hayley’s breast milk out of a bottle. Oh, and Hayley got it all on camera.

The clip opens with Tyler staring at the baby bottle before he finally put it to his mouth. He never once flinched as he sucked on the bottle, but you can tell he had to work a little bit to get the milk out.

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Obviously sympathizing with Olivia, he said, “She has to suck hard to get that out!”

Tyler then declared that breast milk kind of tastes like almond milk.


“It’s sweet!” he added.

Hayley then told Olivia, “It was nice of you to share!”

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As you might imagine, most Insta users were happy to see Tyler taking such a hands-on role in his daughter’s life.

One fan wrote, “I think he wins Father of the Year award for that one.”

Several other women said their husbands had tried their breast milk, and another Insta user commented, “Most precious thing I’ve seen.❤.”

One fan chimed in with what we’re all thinking, saying, “At least he’s trying it from the bottle … Could’ve been a whooooole lot weirder 🤷🏼‍♀️.”

It looks like Tyler might reap some health benefits from downing the breast milk, too. One woman commented on her multiple uses for it around the house.

“It’s so good for you!” writes @sjayyx3. “I used to gargle mine when I had a sore throat, put it in my kiddos’ eyes when they had pink eye, use it as a lotion, milk baths! Haha I love that magic milk!”

So, tell us what you think of Tyler taking the breast milk challenge on camera?

This moment was just one part of Tyler and Hayley’s intimate pre-Valentine’s Day dinner at home. The couple enjoyed a home-cooked meal while hanging out with Olivia and watching the Winter Olympics. Olivia was especially excited to see Shaun White take the gold.

Tyler Olympics

Life has certainly changed for Tyler and Hayley in the past few months since Olivia’s Dec. 23, 2017 arrival. We know there’s nowhere they’d rather be now than spending quiet nights at home with their little love.

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The ultimate little cuddler 💕

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