It was 2005, and Miranda Lambert had a lot riding on this one performance. It was CMA Awards night and the feisty Texan found herself in the middle of New York City to perform her sultry hit “Kerosene.”

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“I was terrified to get on that stage,” Miranda says in a new promo for the 50th annual CMA Awards. “It was the year that it was at Madison Square Garden, so not only was it like my first time in New York City to perform, but it was the CMAs and anyone I loved was sitting in the crowd, not to mention the television aspect of it. It was sort of my first time saying like ‘hey, this is who I am as an artist’ so I felt like a lot was riding on that performance.”

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All of those things could have been enough to bring any lesser person down, but then, fire was added to the mix.

“I was afraid that my hair was going to catch on fire,” Miranda chuckles nervously. “You know, it was just a million things on my mind. But now, I definitely know the feeling of the butterflies was because I cared so much, and it was important to me.”

Watch this throwback performance that nearly had Miranda Lambert going up in flames CMA Country Music Association/YouTube screenshot
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