Shania Twain had every intention of just sending a simple and cheery holiday message to her fans, until something went a bit wrong.

“It has been such a fantastic year, and as the holiday season is approaching I want to give you guys some special gifts as a thank you for all your support,” Shania Twain wrote alongside a video on her Instagram page on Dec. 5.

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Clad in a red onesie, with an undecorated Christmas tree behind her, Shania was in the middle of recording her message to fans when the video shows her noticing that one of her dogs, Jett, has gotten into a bit of trouble by helping himself to the decorations in a box on the floor.

“Oh my God, Jett,” Shania says as she moves towards her pet and grabs his face. “No! Don’t eat that! Oh my Lord! OK … Oh no. Now I’m serious. Gosh, all right.” As the dog drops the item from his mouth, Shania picks it up, holds it up for the camera and says, “There’s one Christmas tree light gone. OK.”

Eeks. That could have gone very wrong very fast.


It was a slightly scary moment for the country superstar, who has had her share of scares throughout her life and career, some of which almost derailed her singing career completely.

“I don’t think I will ever give up being involved in music or creativity, but there was a time when I was sure that I wouldn’t sing again,” she said in a recent interview with Global News. “I was really quite sure I was going to have to accept that I wouldn’t get my voice back after some side effects from Lyme disease, but [my family] encouraged me to try and try again. I’m not going to take for granted that I’ll be able to do this forever anymore.”

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Shania will embarking on a massive tour in 2018 in support of her latest album, “Now,” which allowed the songstress to open up about some of the sweet moments of her life, as well as some of the more challenging ones.

“I am just at a point in my life where I’m less guarded about sharing things that I feel are important to share,” she said in the interview. “[I share things] that I think I would appreciate others sharing with me, things that would help me see through difficult times, or to find inner courage. It’s really more me sharing my experience with others, knowing I’m not the only one in the world to go through these things, that there are many people out there that might even be looking to me for encouragement.”

Or dogs out there … looking to get Christmas lights out of their mouths.

Interested in checking out Shania in 2018? Here’s where she will be touring.

Watch Shania Twain get quite a scare while recording this message to fans Instagram/ShaniaTwain
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