Watch Rory Feek reveal his dying wife's heartbreaking regret screenshot

Rory Feek is picking up the pieces of his broken heart since his beloved wife, Joey, passed away six months ago after a long battle with cancer.

Now, he’s opening up about the biggest regret Joey had when they fully realized she wouldn’t be around to help raise their young daughter, Indiana. Before he met Joey, Rory had been a single dad to his older daughters from a previous relationship, Heidi and Hopie, who are now in their late 20s. Joey just hated that Rory would have to go through that again.

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Rory tells “People,” “When the time came that we realized that Joey was most likely not going to make it through this cancer… one of the hardest things was coming to realize that I was going to be back here again where I was before, but this time raising Indiana.”

Rory adds that Joey couldn’t bear the idea that she would leave him a single parent again. They talked about it one day on the front porch at their Tennessee farm.

Rory recalls, “‘It’s not fair. You’re not supposed to have to do this again.’ I said, ‘But on the other hand, I’m perfect. I already know how.'”

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Through it all, Rory has seen a divine hand guiding his life since he lost Joey.

“God just keeps showing up,” he says, “and magically making what are our worst fears beautiful.”

Heidi and Hopie have been helping Rory raise Indy. You can catch a glimpse inside their tragic, yet inspirational story when Rory’s tribute film, “To Joey, With Love,” hits theaters in select cities on Sept. 20 and Oct. 6.

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