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When it comes to being a music superstar, there’s no just no way to know what’s going to go down once you hit the concert stage. After all, every night is different and anything can happen. For example, you might end up messing up the lyrics to a song, or you might play in front of a rowdier crowd than what you’re used to or you might even get whacked in the face with a piece of lingerie. Nope, we’re not kidding about that last one.

So, you have to anticipate anything and everything.

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And, while many performers have likely dealt with one or more of those experiences, Miley Cyrus is certainly no stranger to the latter, as she got pelted by a bra during one of her recent concerts.

A video uploaded to YouTube on Jan. 25 shows the unexpected and hilarious bra incident at the Miley show. And, although it’s unclear where exactly the tossing of the undergarment took place, we’ve got to say that Miley handled the moment like a pro!

As you can see in this clip, the pop-superstar is completely unaware of what’s about to happen. She looks quite serious as she speaks to the audience about people who “feel inspired” by others. While she tries to finish her sentence, a bra gets thrown up onstage and catches her by surprise. Rather than getting flustered, Miley reaches down to grab the intimate pink item, and then tries to find the rowdy fan who threw it.

“Hey! Whose is this? Is this yours?” Miley asks, while pointing out one woman in the audience.

After getting confirmation, Miley teases with the words, “Damn, girl,” as a way to indicate just how ample she thought the bra’s cup size was. After that, she continued to joke around with her fan, and even went as far as to try the brassiere on over her sparkly black outfit.

“Umm, this is the first bra I’ve put on in, like, fucking four years,” the “Malibu” hit-maker admitted. “I don’t really need it.”

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After the funny episode, Miley continued on with her show — bra and all!

Miley, of course, isn’t the first star to get hit with a bra onstage. In fact, Luke Bryan was attacked with a bra during his Crash My Playa concert festival just last weekend in Mexico. Check out that moment here!

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