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Kellie Pickler may be a host on her own talk show, “Pickler & Ben,” but she played the role of guest during a visit on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” earlier this week.

The country music singer joined the daytime talk show on Feb. 21, and chatted with host Ellen DeGeneres about her own show, even going into detail about how great fellow country superstar Faith Hill is as her “boss lady.” Faith is an executive producer of “Pickler & Ben.”

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“She’s so real and down to earth,” Kellie said of Faith. “She comes into the studio in jeans, a T-shirt, ball cap and no makeup, and she’s rearranging the set. She brought pieces from hers and [husband] Tim [McGraw’s] home. They have no furniture or pictures on the wall or anything because it’s all in our studio,” Kellie joked, adding, “She’s really wonderful. She’s lovely.”

After sharing those glowing remarks about Faith, a member of Ellen’s staff, who was decked out in a blonde wig and a Tim McGraw T-shirt, tried to scare Kellie. The costumed person jumped out of a side table beside the 31-year-old star and screamed in her face before running off.

Kellie was, of course, left speechless. She covered up her mouth for several moments before realizing that the Faith impersonator was gone. Even though Kellie seemed stunned over the prank, Ellen had a feeling the singer knew what she was in for.

“You were ready for that, weren’t you?” She asked

“Well, I took a shot before I came out here. I’ve got to have my liquid courage,” Kellie admitted.

As you may already know, Ellen is notorious for pranking celebrity guests. In fact, she has previously spooked country stars like, Carrie Underwood and Garth Brooks. This also isn’t the first time that Ellen has scared Kellie on television. Back in 2016, she freaked the “American Idol” alum out with a man dressed as a geisha. In addition to that, the comedian actually sent a surprise confetti-filled box to the set of “Pickler & Ben.”


“It scared the shit out of me,” Kellie recalled of the box that she opened in front of a studio audience. “I had no idea what was in it. I was a little apprehensive.”

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Even though Kellie has experienced the receiving end of an Ellen prank more than once, she insisted that she wouldn’t try to scare guests on her own show.

“I’m nervous, because I am always concerned if they have a heart condition or something,” she explained. “You just never know. You never know.”

“I look it as we’re giving them aerobic activity,” Ellen quipped in reply.

Check out Kellie’s scare in the video below.

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