Watch Keith Urban recognize a familiar face as this amazing kid auditions for American Idol

They once shared the stage, they most definitely share a hairstyle, and, yes, they recently found themselves on the exact same reality show.

“I know you,” Keith Urban said as singing hopeful Riley Bria walked into the room during the season premiere episode of the 14th season of American Idol. “We played together.”

Indeed, the lookalikes did play together on the American Country Awards stage in 2012 through Riley’s participation in the coveted GRAMMY Foundation camp.

“(Keith) has heard me play guitar before, but I am excited to show him my voice,” explained Riley, who ended up becoming the first to receive the coveted golden ticket of the season with his rendition of Keith’s song “Georgia Woods” that was featured on his 2010 hit album “Get Closer.”

“That was the biggest moment of my life,” he added.

“Finding really great artistry is important,” Urban told Rolling Stone Country last year. “Seeing it in people is very difficult to do. I don’t see it when I see (early footage) of me. If I had judged me on one of these shows, I wouldn’t have thought I’d have the career I was going to have…at all.”

Yet it looks like he saw something in Riley.

Stay tuned.

Tricia Despres

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