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YouTube/Grand Ole Opry

Garth Brooks was on hand to induct Chris Janson into the Grand Ole Opry family Tuesday night, March 20. And ?family? is exactly the word Garth used to describe what being a member of the Opry means.

Garth told Chris, ?Driving in here tonight, I passed a billboard that says ?Welcome to the family.? Family is a great name for this place. Another great name for this place is church. That?s what it?s all about. Because if any time you are at your lowest, these people are going to be here for you. And they?ll expect the same out of you, and they?ll get the same out of you.?

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Garth went on to tell Chris it was an honor to welcome him to the Opry family, and added, ?This will be?no matter how many times you look back on it?the greatest night of your music career.?

Chris was understandably emotional as Garth put the Grand Ole Opry membership trophy in his hand and gave him a big hug.

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?How do you not cry on a night like this?? Chris asked the crowd. ?To know me is to know I really, truly love the Grand Ole Opry ? This will be a moment I will never forget ? Thanks for making my dreams come true, and thanks for buying a ticket to the Opry to see it happen! I hope you come back a million times! I?ll buy the ticket for ya. I don?t even care. I love you that much!?


Chris has made a commitment to playing the Opry as often as possible over the course of his career. He now stands as the youngest living member of the Opry family.

Check out this recent performance of his song, ?Drunk Girl,? live at the Grand Ole Opry.

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