Watch Florida Georgia Line have their minds blown by this wild magic trick YouTube/Justin Flom
YouTube/Justin Flom

WHOA, guys, just whoa!

This mind reader just left Florida Georgia Line—and us—completely mind blown.

Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley were hanging backstage at a show recently in Spokane, Washington, when Justin Flom, a world-famous magician, paid them a visit and decided to lay a little magic on them.

And what happened next, well, it’s hard to comprehend.

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Justin began by asking Brian to think of — but not say out loud — an artist and a song from that artist.

Then he dialed the local area code and began asking everyone else in the room to supply random numbers to complete a phone number for him to call.

They put all the numbers together and dialed the phone number they created, and a seemingly unsuspecting woman answered.

Remember, the guys have no idea who she is and she, presumably, has no idea what is going on and, quite frankly, no one but Justin really knows what is about to happen next …

… but it’s jaw-dropping and freaky.

Check out the the video.

CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? We can’t even wrap our brains around how that is even possible.

The woman correctly guessed both the artist and the song Brian had thought of. But how? Clearly B.K. and T-Hubbs are as baffled as we are.

But how sweet is it when the woman on the line realizes she’s on the phone with FGL?!


They’ve got to find this gal and give her meet and greet passes for their next Spokane stop.

So just who is Justin Flom?

He’s the magic man starring in the SyFy channel show “Wizard Wars,” that’s who. He has also appeared on the “Today” show and “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” in addition to traveling all over the world wowing people with his magic.

And this isn’t the first time he’s spent time with the FGL boys.

Three years back, Justin visited the guys on the road and pulled another stunt with some printed FGL lyrics, money and a lighter, as you can see here …

It’s unbelievable.

“That’s tripping me out!” Tyler said.

We are right there with you, T-Hubbs.

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The magic Florida Georgia Line has made on the road this past year earned them a Rare Country Award nomination for Tour of the Year. They also snagged a nod for Duo/Group of the Year, too! You can go online to and cast your until Dec. 13! And tune into the livestream concert event on Dec. 14 to see if your favorites win big!

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