Watch Faith Hill go from sweet to sexy and back again in this 1999 chart-topper YouTube

A lot of things changed as the century turned the page, and country music was no different. This was largely due to strong female artists like Faith Hill and Shania Twain.

Faith was one of the first country starlets who really led the way in Nashville, truly embracing a more pop and contemporary sound in her music. She was country, but by the time she released her smash hit ?The Way You Love Me? in 2000, she had fully embraced her more pop sound.

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In addition to her sound, Faith’s look had gone a bit more mainstream as well. She was appearing on the covers of “Glamour” and “Cosmopolitan” and doing endorsements for product lines like CoverGirl. But, the gamble paid off for the gorgeous blonde as the head bobbing, feel-good ?The Way You Love Me? took off on a four-week ride at No. 1.

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That success paved the way for Faith to both expand more into the world of pop and still be part of the country music community. It truly was the best of both worlds for a woman who quite frankly was one of the only ones who could do that and make us all feel as though she was still strongly one of us in the country music world.

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