Watch Blake Shelton’s reaction when he’s stumped by a Gwen Stefani song YouTube/The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
YouTube/The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

It?s almost a given at this point ? when Blake Shelton and Jimmy Fallon get together, hilarity ensues.

And this was no different on the March 19 episode of ?The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,? when the two got their competitive juices flowing once again during a ?Name That Song Challenge.?

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All was going well as the two went head-to-head trying to guess songs from such icons such as Dolly Parton and Charlie Daniels played by Jimmy’s band, the Roots, on just one instrument at a time.

?This is bullcrap,? Blake said as Jimmy took an early lead. ?Why is this game so stupid? I miss Johnny Carson so badly. Why do I do this show? All I want to do is sing my song.?

?This is so much fun,? Jimmy said. ?I love having you on.?

But things hysterically went downhill when the Roots started playing a song by none other than Gwen Stefani. As the band launched into the opening notes of ?Hollaback Girl,? a signature song by Blake’s love, you could tell that Jimmy knew it.

And … well … Blake did not.

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?Blake is in a lot of trouble right now,? Jimmy exclaimed proudly as the country star slumped down on the side of the stage. ?You are in so much trouble right now I don?t know what to tell you.?

As Blake sulked, Jimmy came to sit by his buddy?s side, wondering out loud if they could edit the song out of the broadcast.

?Don?t play my girlfriend?s song,? Blake told everyone listening. ?It screws me up. I came to this show to promote my album and I?m losing everything. I?m losing everything in my life. Can we do Seth Meyers next time??


Oh, Blake ? we think Gwen will forgive you.

At least we hope she does.

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