Watch Billy Gilman nail this insane cover of a Queen hit on "The Voice" The Voice/YouTube screenshot
The Voice/YouTube screenshot

Former child country star Billy Gilman delivered a killer rendition of Queen’s classic hit “The Show Must Go On” on NBC’s “The Voice” on Nov. 14.

But before he performed, the talented singer reunited with country music legend Garth Brooks.

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Garth was on hand to critique contestants during rehearsals as a key adviser. However, when it came to 28-year-old Billy, there was very little criticism to offer. Not only did Garth declare the future belonged to Billy, but he also said to the hopeful, “I think I can show you the way on the stage and off the stage. That’s all the help that I can give you right now.”

Once Billy took the stage, he looked fierce in all black. He launched into “The Show Must Go On” from the top of a red-colored staircase. Hitting all of the right notes, he proved that he’s more than capable of winning the competition. Heck, even the camera cut to his coach Adam Levine, who looked incredibly stunned.

Billy earned a tremendous round of applause from the audience and had all for coaches on their feet following the performance. Considering his uphill battle to return to stardom, coach Blake Shelton offered some strong words of encouragement.

Blake said, “I remember way before I had ever had any success in the music industry. You opened either the CMA’s or the ACM Awards. I was like, ‘Wow, look at this kid that’s doing this.’ At the end of the day, as great of a singer as you were when you were 10 years old, you are a million times better as an adult.”


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Adam, who was speechless at first added, “Wow. Wow. I mean I’m just going to say this, because I’ve spoken highly of you in the past, but I just think that when you hear something like this happen on this stage, and you look at the fact that the show is called ‘The Voice,’ and you examine very carefully what you’ve been through in so many different aspects of your life … I just feel like what could possibly epitomize this show more than someone that sings the way you do with the emotion and conviction that you do and on a level that blows every single one of these coaches away. You’ve seen all four of (the judges) stand up today, because you are truly special, and man, I just think this is the very, very beginning.”


Watch this video above to see Billy slay “The Show Must Go On.”

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