Watch as Miranda Lambert unleashes some good ole fury on one poor beach ball YouTube

Warning. Don’t bring your beach balls to any of Miranda Lambert’s concerts.

Why? Because, she’ll stab them.

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The sunny haired songstress proved that on Saturday, May 14, when one gigantic, polka-dotted beach ball made it’s way onto the Klipsch Music Center stage in Noblesville, Indiana during the Texan’s Keeper of the Flame Tour.

“Okay. First of all, it feels like it’s January, so we don’t need this today,” Miranda told the crowd. “Secondly, my best friend, Ashley Monroe, gave me this necklace that I was hoping I could use tonight, because it’s a pistol, but also it’s a pocket knife. So, I’m sorry, very sorry for whoever’s ball this is, but it’s going to die now.”

Then, Miranda completely obliterated the ball. And, she showed absolutely no remorse after the fact. Heck, she even looked dangerous committing the crime in her leather jacket and blue bandanna.

“I feel so much better. Thank you for that,” she said to her “Ran Fans.”

This isn’t the first time the star has turned a beach ball into a casualty. In fact, her hatred toward them stems all the way back to at least 2009. And, she’s actually admitted to keeping a box cutter onstage just in case any beach balls fly up on stage at her shows.

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Puncturing this ball, however, was probably for the best as the “Crazy Ex Girlfriend” singer’s next song choice was “The House That Built Me.”


Although she switched gears for that song, she slayed it, too.

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