Watch as Kip Moore gives a lot of love advice to this little girl  YouTube/Kristy Adams
YouTube/Kristy Adams

You gotta love Kip Moore. His voice, his songs, and, well, his muscles make him one of the most in demand artists in country music. Now add to that his heart and his wisdom and you’ve got the complete package. Ask Brooklyn. Not the city, the mini fangirl.

During his recent show at the Wisconsin State Fair, Kip brought Brooklyn — dressed in a sparkly skirt and Kip t-shirt — onto the stage, not to serenade her, but to give her a bit of advice. It’s pretty valuable info for the cute little tot to have before she gets into her teens, but it’s also applicable to any single woman of any age.

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While this precious little munchkin fidgets by his side, Kip says, “Brooklyn, this song makes no sense to you right now because, right now, you do not like boys. But one day you’re gonna like boys most likely.” Brooklyn grinned and Kip continued, “And most likely, there will be somebody that will break your heart at some point.” As the crowd booed Kip’s remark, he responded honestly, “That’s just the truth, y’all don’t boo me.”

He then grew profound and said, “But Brooklyn, I want you to remember this: no matter what, it will pass. And if you’re smart, you’re never sad again because you know it’s always going to pass. You know what I mean?”

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Brooklyn nodded, but whether she really grasped what the Kipper was talking about is unsure. What she did grasp, though, was Kip’s great biceps, and even though she looked a little anxious as he carried her back to her mama’s arms, we are sure that he had her—physically and emotionally.

Well done, Kip!

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