Watch as concertgoers flee a towering inferno during music festival Youtube/Rewind360
Youtube/Rewind 360

It passes through the mind of every concertgoer. As you sit with thousands of fellow music fans enjoying the artists you love, in the back of your mind you can?t help bur wonder, “What would I do if there was an emergency? How would I protect myself? And how would this many people safely evacuate?”

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It?s a question that thousands of people were forced to ask themselves on July 30 when an inferno broke out at the Tomorrowland electric music festival in Barcelona. According to news reports, the fire occurred at the city’s Parc de Can Zam as a result of a ?technical malfunction.? Once the fire erupted, 12 firefighting units spent an hour extinguishing the flames as 22,000 fans evacuated the area.

Twenty people were treated for minor injuries.

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Additional news reports noted that regional authorities said the fire completely destroyed the stage, and that its charred remains run the risk of collapsing. The fire also forced the cancellation of the entire Tomorrowland music festival that was taking place in several different locations, with its main stage in Belgium.

Of course, concert mishaps such as this are sure to hit home with many country music fans, who still recall the tragic Sugarland stage collapse at the Indiana State Fair back in 2011, which killed seven and injured more than 50.

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