Watch as an Alan Jackson hymn inspires a dementia patient to sing yet again YouTube

There is beauty in getting older.

The years that go by allow you to look back and learn from both your accomplishments and your failures. It can also allow more time with the people you love the most and a chance to slow down and smell the roses. The passage of time is beautiful.

Yet, sometimes it’s not.

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Sometimes the passage of time means watching the days get harder and longer, and your mind fading. And watching that mind fade can be one of the toughest parts of one’s life.

Thank God for music.

In a recent YouTube video, a woman who normally struggles with the very real condition of dementia can be seen watching country superstar Alan Jackson sing an old hymn. But as the video moves on, she begins to sing each and every word.

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“Oh, that’s so good Grammy,” a family member says. “You know all the words.”

Yes, she does, and we pray that dementia never takes that away.

“I love this,” the older woman says as she stares at the Kindle that just brought Alan’s music to her recliner. “I’m going to have to get me one of these.”

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