Watch as Alan Jackson dodges a flying beer onstage YouTube/Justin Romero
YouTube/Justin Romero

It happens. Sometimes it’s a well-meaning country music lover with an overzealous arm. Sometimes it’s a rowdy cowboy who may have been over-served. It’s very doubtful that there is any ill intent when a country fan tosses a cold one to their favorite star onstage, but occasionally that good intention goes awry.

A couple of years ago, Dustin Lynch took a cold can to the noggin and required stitches. Luke Bryan made a mad grab at a brewski tossed to the stage and when he fumbled and spilled beer onto the stage, he slipped on it, but came up laughing. And when Toby Keith was the target of a flying frosty brew a few years back, things didn’t go well for the pitcher.

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Then there’s Alan Jackson — long, tall, cool and calm AJ.

Alan was in Lafayette, Louisiana’s Cajundome for a stop on the “Honky Tonk Highway” tour when an object that it seems he initially couldn’t identify came flying toward the stage. Fortunately, with the combination of his height and a low toss, Alan calmly raised his left leg a bit and the can rolled between his feet to the back of the stage.

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Of course, the Georgia boy just shook it off and kept singing. No harm, no foul. Actually, the beer was low and a little inside, so it wasn’t a foul or a strike, but more like a ball.

Batter up!

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