Wait till you see what Luke Bryan says he found on this fan’s phone Twitter/@xxsh0tgun

One lucky Luke Bryan fan recently had a memorable encounter with the superstar that was both exciting and probably a little embarrassing. Luke was gearing up for his live band karaoke segment during his “Huntin’ Fishin’ and Lovin’ Every Day Tour,” but before breaking into Flo Rida’s “My House,” Luke reached into the crowd and borrowed a fan’s phone. As he stood there scrolling through, looking for the lyrics, he quipped, “I’m sorry. I’m a little slow on a Samsung.”

When the crowd reacted, he said, “Don’t be hating on Samsung,” before teasing the giggling fan about whether the Samsung had ever blown up in her pocket.

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Scrolling through her photos, he asked the embarrassed woman, “Why do you have so many crotch shots of me? You naughty girl! Naughty girl!”

When he couldn’t locate what he was searching for, he returned the phone and lifted one from another fan near the stage, then launched into “My House” as the crowd roared its approval.

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This isn’t the first time Luke has hijacked a fan’s cell phone. During another show, he borrowed a phone from a woman in the audience just as a guy was blowing it up with text messages. Of course, Luke had to get right in the middle of the conversation, asking the girl who “McCoy” was and telling her, “I’m fixin’ to go all up in your text messages,” while the crowd laughed.

So before you head out to see Luke on tour, just be sure you don’t have anything embarrassing for him to take a gander at if he borrows your phone!

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