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It’s hard to believe, but we’re more than halfway through 2017. That means we’re already starting to hear about new music coming in 2018. One project in particular has us just counting the days until the new year.

Miranda Lambert is getting Pistol Annies back together.

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In a new interview with “Billboard,” Miranda promises there will be a new Pistol Annies record in 2018, which would be the trio’s first release in five years. That interview reiterated one she did with nationally-syndicated radio host Delilah in June.

In the radio interview, Miranda said working with her fellow Annies is “like a big slumber party but we actually make records. We get to make music and paint our nails at the same time.” And although she noted that one band member, Ashley Monroe, is pregnant and the other, Angaleena Presley, recently put out a solo record, Miranda said, “We’ve been group texting … So once everyone gets their crap together in 2018 we’re slumber partying again.”

Pistol Annies have released two studio albums, ‘Hell on Heels” and “Annie Up,” that have sold nearly a million combined albums in the last few years. Though they’re all accomplished in their solo careers, there’s something really special when they all get together to swap vocals and raise a little hell together.

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The Annies have been working together in one form or another in the past few years. Ashley and Miranda co-wrote the song “Dreams Don’t Come True” with Angaleena for her solo album, “Wrangled,” and the bond among the three of them remains strong.

When Rare Country caught up with Angaleena back in March, she told us, “I’m grateful for Ashley and Miranda. They have meant so much to me creatively. When we get together, it’s absolutely magical. That has been one of the greatest blessings for me as an artist is to meet two artists who I can be in a room with and feel just — there isn’t even a word. It’s more than comfortable. It’s like we’re one, or some hippie new age word.”

Reviving Pistol Annies for a new album is also in line with Miranda’s overall mission to encourage her fellow female singer/songwriters out there.

Miranda tells “Billboard,” “I’m writing and singing songs that count. I want to do a good job of holding up my end of the deal, which is lifting up other singer-songwriters.”

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