Troy Gentry’s tragic death from a helicopter crash came as a shock to the country music community on Sept. 8. But for Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard, the news hit closer to home.

You see, Tyler lost his own dad in a chopper crash years ago. He recalled that memory in an Instagram video, after hearing the heartbreaking news about Troy.

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“Guys. I just got the terrible news about an amazing guy,” he said with noticeable tears in his reddened eyes. “Troy Gentry passed away this afternoon in a helicopter crash. My heart breaks and my heart hurts and I can’t help but go back to 10 years ago when I lost my dad in a tragic helicopter crash as well. [It was] an experience that me and my whole family witnessed.”

Even though Tyler recalled his own painful past, the purpose of his message wasn’t to shine a light on himself or even his late father. Instead, it was to try and comfort those who are still coming to terms with Troy’s passing.

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“I just want to say for everybody out there that’s hurting — I know there’s a lot people that loved him, a lot of people that are affected by this. That there’s a lot of joy, there’s a lot of peace, there’s a lot of understanding if you lean on the Lord, lean on His words. Dig into the Bible,” Tyler said.

“I’m serious,” he added. “It’s pretty unexplainable, but it’s a crazy joy that God can only give, and a crazy amount of peace. So for those that are hurting, I encourage you in that. And for Troy, I love you. You’ll be missed. Say hi to my dad up there in Heaven, would ya?”

Remembering country music’s Troy Gentry

Troy Gentry’s death stirs painful memories for Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard Getty Images
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