Trisha Yearwood surprises Garth Brooks in concert with the best possible news Getty Images/Rick Diamond
Getty Images/Rick Diamond

Do y’all remember when Garth was worried that people might not come to his shows after he took several years off to stay at home with his daughters? That was funny, huh?

And remember when Garth was concerned that no one would care about his music because he hadn’t made any in so long? That was cute, huh?

You see, people did go to his shows, and they did buy his music and not just the new stuff. Think about it — there was a 13-year gap between his current album, “Man Against Machine,” and the studio album released just prior, 2001’s “Scarecrow.” There are young country music fans that are just learning about the man who reinvented the country music wagon wheel. And they were buying show tickets and they were buying the music, including those older albums that all of us longtime Garth fans bought when they were first released.

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Still, it was a sweet surprise when, during his Sept. 23 show in Fresno, California, his beautiful wife, Trisha Yearwood, stepped onto the stage to announce that her handsome and talented hubs had achieved his seventh diamond award.

Now, just to explain: when an artist sells 500,000 copies of an album, it is certified gold by the RIAA. At 1 million sales, the album is certified platinum. At 10 million copies sold, the album is certified diamond. That’s a lot of records sold for a pretty hard rock, right? To keep it in perspective, neither George Strait nor Alan Jackson have a diamond award, although both have plenty of platinum. Icons like Billy Joel and Madonna have two diamond awards each. And The Beatles have a whopping six diamonds, making Garth the only artist in the history of country music to achieve this milestone.


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It was a cause for celebration, for sure, but the party really took off backstage when Garth, Trisha, the band, crew and whole team gathered to toast with champagne. Well, maybe toast isn’t the right word. Instead of drinking the cases of bubbly, the group enjoyed spraying each other and themselves.

Congratulations, Garth! Some days are diamonds!

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