Trace Adkins admits to some recent nude hunting adventures Getty Images/Rick Diamond

Brace yourself for one of the most bizarrely hilarious stories you’ll ever hear from a country star.

Before he went out to play for about 60,000 fans at the CMA Music Festival in downtown Nashville on June 9, Trace admitted to breaking the law earlier that day while in the buff.

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It all started early in the morning when Trace was rudely awakened by some wildlife.

He says, “I walked outside this morning in my boots naked and shot a woodpecker who was beating on the end of my house and woke me up. I just ratted myself out, cause that’s actually against the law to kill a woodpecker. But, he woke me up.”

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In telling this story, Trace revealed that he sleeps with a double barrel shotgun beside his bed that’s loaded with buckshot. There’s your fair warning if you were planning on breaking into Trace’s house in the middle of the night.

His story continues, “I have a double barrel shotgun by the bed, and I just picked it up, dumped the buckshot out, put the light load back in … pulled on my Red Wings, walked out the door, walked to my truck. Saw him up there. Beat on the hood so he’d fly, and shot him.”

You can get as upset as you want to about Trace killing the woodpecker, but we assure you he won’t give a damn.

Trace isn’t quite as wild as he used to be, though. He sings about getting a little gentler with time in his new song, “Watered Down.” It’s included on Trace’s brand-new album, “Something’s Going On ,” available now.


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