Toby Keith has never been once to mince words when it comes to politics. You can always count on him to speak his mind no matter what the fallout may be. That’s exactly what he did on ABC’s “The View” recently when he was asked about the controversy surrounding the proposed removal of Confederate monuments.

Toby doesn’t think there should be a blanket decision affecting all the statues at once. Instead, he thinks it should be up to the individual towns where the monuments are located.

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Toby says, “If they’ve been there a long time, and if the communities are living with it — fine. If they want to vote it out, I think it should be up to the community.”

That’s when “The View” co-host Joy Behar suggested that Confederate Army generals like Robert E. Lee were considered traitors against America, like Benedict Arnold. She wondered about the logic of having statues remembering men who were considered treasonous because they wanted to secede from the United States.

Toby diplomatically replied, “I have to go check into it. I haven’t been up to date on that one.”

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In addition to Toby’s political chat, he also got in a word or two about his new album, “The Bus Songs.” The project collects the off-the-wall songs Toby’s been writing over the years that will never make it to the radio.

He says, “These aren’t for everybody, and they’re gonna hurt a little at first when you hear them. But they’re the collection of 15 years of the crazy, back of the bus songs.”

Here’s a cleaned-up-for-television version of one of the songs from that album, “Shitty Golfer.”

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