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If you’ve heard Tim McGraw’s latest hit, “Humble and Kind,” we’re sure it’s got you thinking about the young people in your life. The song contains all the advice you’d want to give kids as they set out to find their way in the world. It turns out that was exactly the intention of the songwriter when she put pen to paper.

Lori McKenna, who is one of the co-writers on Little Big Town’s “Girl Crush,” wrote “Humble and Kind” while thinking about what she’d like to say her own children.

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We caught up with Lori at the ACM Awards just before Tim debuted “Humble and Kind” on the show. She told Rare Country, “My husband and I, we have five kids. There’s an age gap — they’re 11 to 26. So, I think once I sort of had that, I’m just going to write down a list in this three chord progression of things I don’t want to be accused of not telling them as a mother.”

At that point, Lori just started “plugging in those little things that rhyme that you want your kids to know.” That includes sound words of wisdom like, “Hold the door, say please, say thank you, Don’t steal, don’t cheat, and don’t lie.”

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Now that “Humble and Kind” is a big hit on country radio, Lori feels like she’s done her job getting that advice to her kids.

If any one of them doesn’t follow her advice, Lori jokes that she can now tell her kids, “Tim McGraw told you so!”

“Humble and Kind” is included on Tim’s latest album, “Damn Country Music,” out now.

Hunter Kelly is a senior correspondent for Rare Country. Follow him on Twitter @Hunterkelly.
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