Tim McGraw spills the beans on the times he and Faith Hill don’t get along YouTube/TimMcGrawVEVO

There’s no denying that Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are pretty much a picture perfect couple.

I mean, they did inspire their own line of Barbie dolls, right?

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And while the two do love each other unconditionally, there are times when they aren’t so perfect.

Yes, even the most successful marriages have their ups and downs, and Tim and Faith’s is no exception.

In a behind-the-scenes clip from their “The Rest of Our Life” video shoot, Tim gets candid about marriage and how fame can bring a little bit of turbulence to the relationship every now and again.

Tim says the song is particularly special to him and to Faith because they can relate to it so strongly.

“In a way, it’s personal to us because some of the glamour and some of the things we get to do with our life [is] because we’ve had success in music. You have all these different moods and times, times when you don’t get along and times when you don’t necessarily see eye to eye.”

See, they’re just a normal couple deep down, like the rest of us.

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But the superstar wanted the song to be an inspiration for us, too.

“I think that this song gives you that foundation of love that can last you through all those ups and downs and all those storms,” he explains.

And he says that’s exactly what they try to portray in the video, too. We say job well done, you two!


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