Tim McGraw just gave this tiny dancer the twirl of her life bornfabulous1/YouTube screenshot
bornfabulous1/YouTube screenshot

To some, the song “Tiny Dancer” reeks of the 1970s. For others, it’s the soundtrack to one of the greatest movies of all time — “Almost Famous.” To this little girl, however, it will be one of the coolest moments of her life.

At a show in 2010, Tim was covering the Elton John smash hit when he noticed a pint-sized fan in the front row. Motioning to her to come onstage with him, both she and her mom were in shock that Tim was even acknowledging them, let alone inviting her up! With a questionable look from the little girl to her mom, you can hear the videographer (who sounds like he is with them) say “Go, go, go, go, go!” as her mom gives her a boost.

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Taking Tim’s hand, pint-sized Paris scrambles to her feet and then immediately goes into performer mode herself. With her pink bandanna and her pigtails cracking like a whip as they trailed in her spin, Tim leads her in what has to be the twirl of her life.

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Then as fast as it happened, it was all over. Tim handed her back to her mama and went on with the show while mama hugged her baby tight.

Funny thing is, we’re guessing Paris didn’t really grasp the enormity of what just happened. We think her mom might have been just a teeny bit jealous because Lord knows, there are a lot of moms out there who wouldn’t mind a twirl from Tim McGraw.

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